Use your crutch to soar!

I acquired polio at the age of two. I was still a toddler waddling around the house and outside in the yard. I lost all mobility and could no longer walk. In order to regain my mobility, I was provided with crutches and braces and taught how to use them. Without my crutches and braces I would be destined to live my life confined to a wheelchair. I not only learned how to use them, and regained my ability to walk, but I learned how to use my crutches to jump, to hop, to skip, to do all the other things that the other kids did. Sometimes in life, we are subjected to tragedy, to heartbreak, to heartache, to upsets and all type of ups and downs. Many of us use these obstacles that I call crutches to make us stagnate instead of using life's crutches to help us get to the next level. If we don't experience situations in life that try us, it can stunt our growth. It's perfectly okay to use your crutch, whatever form it comes in, to make you and not break you. Whatever your crutch is, stop looking at it as something that was done to you or something that happened to you. Instead use it to gain strength because through adversity you become stronger. Do not use your crutch as a means to become bitter, use it as a way to become better. Use your mistakes and turn them into lessons so you can help someone else who may have gone through what you have experienced. Use your crutch and soar! Use your crutch to help you live your dreams now! I am thankful for my crutches. I am thankful for the leg braces I have to wear. It reminds me that I can overcome. I can achieve. I can attain. They help me to walk physically but they also have helped me to grow spiritually, to have empathy for others. To have and to show compassion and concern for my fellow human beings. So I say use the crutch in your life to soar!

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