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Shelia E. Bell

 Page flipping, life-changing, perfect stories about imperfect people...

like You and Me!

Fabulously rich housewives, Avery, Meesha, Peyton and Eva are dealing with the damages each one of their decisions has cost. Meesha Porter is pregnant with her fifth child by her husband, mega pastor, Carlton Porter while Carlton wants out of his marriage. Peyton Hudson struggles to find a way to get back in the good graces of her estranged husband, Derek and their teenage son, Liam, after secrets about Liam's past rise to the surface. Eva Stenberg is devastated and heartbroken after her husband, Harper, throws her out of their mansion when she tells him she is pregnant with a child he told her he was not ready to have. And fragile Avery Mitchelson is in love with another man and wants out of her relationship with Ryker. What will happen to these four housewives as they come to terms with living lives of the rich and famous while dealing with the consequences of their decisions?
The Real Housewives of Adverse City 2 is the second installment in the Adverse City series.
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