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The bond of friendship can be invincible, unbreakable and eternal. Such is the friendship between Prodigal and Teary. Best friends since the age of seven, their lives are divinely intertwined. From childhood all the way through to adulthood, they remain loyal and united to one another. This loyalty comes with some difficult days. Especially when Prodigal's secret love for Teary is anxiously looking for a way to reveal itself. Teary, on the other hand, is leading her own life, oblivious to her best friend's true feelings for her. Prodigal soon decides to place his feelings for Teary on hold, and turns his love toward the beautiful Faith Meadows. When Teary steps outside the realm of her Christian upbringing and pursues a relationship with someone who ultimately betrays her, Prodigal is the shoulder she leans on. Prodigal's life isn't exactly a sweet bed of roses either. He has his own set of obstacles to face. The strength of Prodigal and Teary's faith and trust in God and each other is tried over and over again. Yet, through it all, and in spite of it all, Prodigal and Teary can't break the bond of togetherness that was formed when they were children, thus facing the trials, triumphs and temptations that comes Into Each Life, together.

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