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Fantasia Runsome has it all - beauty, brains, her own art galleries, homes across the country, and everything else money can buy. What Fantasia doesn't have and never has desired is LOVE. She holds on to bitterness and anger from when her father died when she was just a young girl. Fantasia swears that she will never fall in love because she doesn't want to experience the hurt, pain and grief that her mother Ruth Runsome went through when her husband (Fantasia's father) died. A highly religious man, Fantasia feels that God destroyed their once perfect family. Fantasia feels that she has no reason to trust or believe in God, and she definitely has no room for a man in her life...unless it's a man that she seems to find Only In Her Dreams. Randall Hughes, a partner in a line of men's clothing stores that cater to the rich and famous is handsome, secure and a man after God's own heart. He desires the woman that God has designed for him and he is willing to wait patiently until God reveals her to him. When he meets Fantasia Runsome,the good friend and cousin of his business partner's wife, he is immediately drawn to her beauty. What disturbs but yet intrigues him is Fantasia's disdain toward his faith and him. So why is he still attracted to her? This surely can't be the woman God has for him....could it? Fantasia and Randall are two souls unknowingly seeking the same thing - to be loved. Will they find it in each other?

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