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It's been two years since Hezekiah McCoy became the senior pastor of Holy Rock, and Hezekiah, First Lady Fancy McCoy and their sons are certainly shaking things up. Frequent and lavish vacations, a new and much larger house, and what seems like a never ending flow of cash, the McCoys are enjoying the tremendous favor of God, or could there be some other reason for their rapidly growing success?

Stiles' decision to leave Holy Rock and relocate to Houston, Texas enables him to start slowly healing emotionally. He becomes the pastor of a small congregation and is moving on with his life. When he decides to open his heart again, he finds solace, compassion, and possibly love. Maybe the third time will prove to be the charm.

Pastor Chauncey Graham, founder of Holy Rock and known simply as "Pastor," feels better than he has in years so he willingly accepts Hezekiah's offer to return to Holy Rock as one of the ministers.

When a life altering blast from the past parades into Holy Rock with her own bevy of secrets surrounding the Grahams and the McCoys, things stand to be shaken up like never before! Will the secrets she harbors be a blessing or curse for The McCoys of Holy Rock.

Book VI, The McCoys of Holy Rock, continues the story of the Graham family and raises a whole new set of trials for them while exposing the hidden secrets of The McCoys, the new First Family of Holy Rock!
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