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Thicker Than Water" is book #11 in the dynamic, page flipping continuation of the "My Son's Wife" series. The church drama surrounding the Grahams and the McCoys continues to thicken. Khalil and Xavier are dealing with the turmoil surrounding their individual life choices. Khalil, a newly married pastor moves farther away from his bride when he learns some unsettling news about his First Lady. Xavier is torn between two lovers; well torn between his lover Ian and his mentally ill wife, Pepper. Pepper is fighting to get on the mend so she can reclaim her family. But this can be harder than she thinks.

Pastor Hezekiah McCoy has plenty of new tricks up his sleeve and he uses Minister of Music, Sista Rianna Jamison, to help him settle scores. Will his sneaky tactics work for him or will he start reaping some of the mess he's sown along the way. Can his brother the 'unlucky in love' Pastor Stiles Graham be of help or does he need help to find a love of his own?

Book 11 is filled with more revealing secrets and lies of these two families. Continue the saga and discover what really is thicker than water.
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