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TRUE BEAUTY (Beautiful Ugly sequel)

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True Beauty is the second book in the Beautiful Ugly series. Layla, Kacie and Envy maintain their tight bond of friendship. They are determined to learn from the mistakes of their past so they can boldly step into their futures. Layla’s drastic blessing through tragedy opens doors that she never thought possible. She’s determined to live her life to the fullest, but as she moves forward with a new body and a new man, Layla forgets who used to be the most important man in her life – God. After heartbreak, and with sometimes-wavering support from Layla and Envy, Kacie tries hard to pick up the broken pieces of her life so that she can concentrate on raising her seven kids as a single mom. While there is no mistaking Envy’s outer beauty, she comes to believe the only way to have a chance to give and receive true love is by exposing the horrid secret of her past. Nevertheless, Envy is terrified of the consequences that she might have to face if she chooses to do so. Layla, Kacie and Envy still have much to learn about life and how to uncap the true beauty already divinely placed within each one of them.

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