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What if you had the perfect family, lived the perfect life, had the perfect career, and then without warning, you discover you are not the person you think you are, and your family is not the family you think they are?
Twenty-two-year-old Adanya Anniston is a successful, smart, and attractive assistant college instructor who simply adores her family. She is especially close to her father and does not mind being labeled a daddy’s girl. But Adanya’s picture-perfect, fairy-tale life takes a devastating turn when she mistakenly overhears her mother disclose something so mind boggling that it crushes Adanya to the core.

Graphic artist, Bleak Blessinger, seems to be just what Adanya’s troubled spirit needs, until she discovers that the handsome, green eyed, hunk just might have a connection to her family that can wreak even more havoc in her once idyllic life. What’s Blood Got To Do With It? Before it’s all over, Adanya Anniston might discover the answer. Another "perfect story about imperfect You and Me!"

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