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Redeeming Holy Rock is Book 12 in the drama-filled, intense, family saga of the Grahams and McCoys of Holy Rock Ministries. Follow this series and be catapulted in a whole new world of Christian drama!

Reverend Hezekiah McCoy approaches year two of a 20-year prison sentence. When a new lawyer takes on his case, Hezekiah has renewed hope that he will be granted a ‘get out of jail’ pass. Meanwhile, First Lady Rianna McCoy, the former Minister of Music at Holy Rock has access to Hezekiah's money and luxurious home behind Lion's Gate. It doesn't stop there: She is taking steps to take control of New Holy Rock Ministries in his absence. Will Rianna’s ruthless ways catch up to her or is she the ultimate payback to Hezekiah for the havoc and heartache he has caused in the lives of others, including his ex-wife and sons?

In the absence of his brother, Associate Pastor Stiles Graham takes over New Holy Rock Ministries. He is determined to keep his sister-in-law from destroying the ministry his brother has worked hard to start. While dealing with the problematic Rianna, Stiles’ life takes a positive turn when a new woman enters his life. Will she be the one who can show him how to forgive and seek true redemption or will she be another failed relationship?

Brothers Xavier and Khalil McCoy work to keep their marriages to their respective spouses on track and be all they can be to God and family. Khalil is determined to be the best father to his little girl.
Xavier is pretending to live a happy life with his wife but his heart and mind are not fully present in the marriage. Can he keep his flesh from giving in to the lustful, shameful desires of his heart? Will these brothers be successful or will outside forces tear everything apart?

The Graham and McCoy families are on a path that hopefully will lead to redemption but it may come at a cost some of them may not be willing to pay.

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