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TV in a Book

“Whom the Son Sets Free” is the 13th installment in the renowned "My Son's Wife" series.

Hezekiah McCoy's yearning for freedom surges when turmoil unfolds within and outside prison. But freedom becomes more like a cage of despair when Trevor Price's betrayal unravels a web of deceit. Also, Xavier is missing, Khalil still despises Hezekiah, and Fancy wants nothing to do with her ex—at least that’s what her mouth says. Sometimes, the heart overrules.

Attorney Christian Black's career in Memphis is flourishing. Still, his insecurities grow as he grapples with the harsh truth of his wife's pregnancy, the return of someone from his past, and a revelation that, if brought to light, could destroy the very foundation of their seemingly perfect life.

The McCoys and Grahams must collectively confront the heartbreaking loss of a beloved family member. As they navigate the depths of grief and loss, their faith and resilience are put to the ultimate test. Will they emerge from the shadows stronger than ever, or will the relentless storms of life prove insurmountable for this already troubled family?

In this addictive family saga, the themes of freedom, love, and tragedy collide, putting the family's faith, capacity to forgive, and need for God's redemption to the test.

*Suggested short story reading before reading this installment (but not required): “Christian Black, Esq., “If Your Price Is Right, and “Love Shoulda Brought You Home.”

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